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One of the main components and unique features of our project is this SuperBlock System KingsCoin uses a SuperBlock system that pays out once a month. SuperBlock has an increased difficulty that requires more time to mine control the volume of KingsCoin on exchange platforms, which also helps prevent pump and dump. Board of Trustees of True Riches KingsCoin also plans to get investors, known as the Board of Trustees of True Riches, who hold a large amount of KGS to control pump and dump by stabilizing the overall coin price. When KGS coins are dumped, the board of trustees readily buys over the coins, so that the coins are held by a board of trustees, instead of letting the coins switch hands to individuals who we do not know nor trust. The coin switch minimizes dumping impacts and controls coin inflation, ensuring that our coin value is consistently on the rise. Treasury System The Treasury System holds a wallet funded by our network. At the end of every month, 5% of coin...s mined at each month will be allocated to the Treasury wallet. Project funds to implement plans of expansion work on the basis of a general consensus. Projects proposed, either by our team or individual Masternode owner, complete with its budgetary requirements will be viewed and voted with a Yes or No. Each Masternode owner gets one vote. The Treasury fund may also be used to donate to charitable causes and natural disaster needs. A project that obtains the majority vote of approval from our network then gets its fund from the Treasury wallet at the next SuperBlock (in the next month).

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Dec 19, 2018
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6,483,733 KGS
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50,000,000 KGS